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Field Trip Fostering

What is it and how do I get involved?

Field trip fosters take a dog off the shelter grounds for an outing, which last 1 hour or less. This short time frame makes it easy for busy volunteers (who may not have the ability to take a dog home to foster) to get dogs out of the shelter and get to know them better. An outing may be a Ride in the car, walk in the neighborhood, play, watch TV, whatever you want to do within the outlined rules. Some Field Trips may be specified like Puppuccino, Ice Cream or Hot dog days.

Program Purpose-The purpose of any outing is to learn more about the dog’s behavior outside the shelter and to get the dog adopted by documenting what is learned through photos and video. Field Trip Fosters should take the dog to fun places that will make for great pictures. It is helpful to volunteer in pairs so that one person can take pictures/video while the other is handling the dog.

Things to consider- Some dogs will want to spend their time resting and some will want to do lots of fun things. Use structure, kindness, attention, and training, as needed.  Consider whether the dog will truly benefit from the outing you have planned, and enjoy the particular environment to which you will be taking them.

Think about the surroundings, the traffic (people and other animals), and whether or not the environment may cause further stress to your chosen dog. Crowded public areas should be avoided.

As the dog’s guardian, it is your sole responsibility to walk your dog, engage in safe procedures and address any warning signs the dog gives. Pay attention to the dog’s needs and make sure to maintain a safe distance between the dog and others. Be aware of your surroundings and be respectful of the needs of other dogs and individuals you come across

Keep in mind everyone’s safety and needs and have fun!


1.Participants must be 21 years or older with a valid photo ID

2.Only 1 dog per vehicle (personal pets may not accompany you when handling Field Trip Dogs)

3.Dogs leaving the building must be wearing a martingale collar

4.Before leaving the building, the foster caregiver(s) will have the organization’s emergency contact information programmed into their phone or written down and carried with them throughout the field trip

5.Dogs must be supervised at all times

6.You are prohibited from taking dogs to off leash dog parks or other off leash areas/trails. Dogs must be on-leash, under your control, at all times.

7.Flexi/retractable leashes are not allowed

8.Your Field Trip foster may NOT socialize, meet or be around other animals (because of possible unknown aggression and/or illness).

9.You must read the dog’s biography and have adequate experience to take that dog

10.You must read, fill out and sign the Field Trip Foster Contract.

11.Dog must be back to the building by the designated time

Items provided by Second Chance for Field Trips:

  1. Water/Bowl
  2. “Adopt me” vest, bandana, or collar
  3. Treats
  4. Dog waste bags
  5. Leash
  6. Properly fitted harness and martingale collar with ID Tags
At this time, Field Trips and Weekend fostering are on a walk in basis.  

To take a dog on a field trip come in anytime during our regular business hours to sign waiver and pick up a dog To foster a dog for the weekend  come by before we close on Saturdays  to sign waiver and pick up a dog

Please Email us to schedule an outing

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