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Charitable giving at your work!

Does your work have a charitable giving program (i.e United Way, Matching Gifts)? Ask your human resources department to add us to the charity list! Any paperwork that may be needed can be requested at


Every Shelter Dog Deserves a Kuranda Bed!

With dogs staying in shelters for longer periods of time it is increasingly more important to provide them with a better quality of life than sleeping on a cold, hard concrete floor. Kuranda beds provide a shelter dog with a soft, dry off the floor place to relax which every dog deserves. The calming effect reduces stress levels promoting adoption.

Your gift will provide a shelter dog a comfortable bed for many years to come. Kuranda beds are sturdy, easy to clean and come with a full One Year Warranty! Donations are discounted about 30% and are sent directly to our shelter in the donor's name. Animal lovers across the country are making the world of difference for homeless dogs by donating beds to their local animal shelter.

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