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Become a Foster Home!

Would you enjoy the companionship of animals, but can’t take on the responsibility of permanent ownership right now?

Would you like to be able to teach your kids the joys and responsibilities of caring for a pet?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions and live in the Salt Lake Valley area of Utah, we would love to welcome you into our foster parent family.

What do you need to do?

Our foster parents provide daily care for Kittens, Cats, Dogs and Puppies in their homes until they are either ready to be transferred back to our adoption center to be placed for permanent adoption or until an adoptive home is found. Second Chance for Homeless Pets provides all needed Vet/Medical Care and supplies (i.e. food, litter, bowls, litter box, kennel, etc.),  

  1. Start by filling out the online application
  2. One of our volunteers will contact you to provide more details about our foster program and answer any questions you may have.
  3. Sign up for your first foster pick up and meet with our foster coordinators who will offer supplies & support
  4. Provide your foster pet with care and love
  5. Answer questions from potential adopters and take foster to any required appointments until adopted

At this time our dog/puppy foster form is not available online, if you would like to foster canine please email and a foster coordinator will get in contact with you


FELINE FOSTER APPLICATION - You must be at least 21 years old in order to foster/adopt from our program.

First and Last Name

Last Name*

Address (please include apt or unit # if applicable)

City, State, Zip

Phone Number

Email Address*

Preferred Method of contact

Select an option

List all residents in the house including you (Name, Age, Relation)*

List all animals currently in the home (Species, Breed, Age, Gender)

Why do you want to foster a homeless pet?

Would you be agreeable to having a Second Chance representative meet with you at your home prior to taking foster animals into your house?

Select an option

What kind of residence do you live in?

Do you

Do you have a reliable mode of transportation? Fostering may require several trips to and from the shelter. These include, but are not limited to: Neuter surgery, vaccinations, getting medication, and emergency situations.

During the day are you

If you work away from home and wish to foster young kittens, would it be possible for you to take the animals to work with you or is there someone at home who would be able to take care of them if

Do you have an area in your residence to confine your foster pet? Example: a bathroom or extra bedroom. We will need an area to confine your new foster as they transition into your house and also to keep them quarantined in case of exposure to a contagious illness. The animal must be kept inside in a temperature controlled area.

Will you be able to give medications to foster animals, if needed? (Most of the animals we send out will have medication and those that don't still have the chance of showing signs of illnesses within ten days due to being in the shelter. Most medicine is in the form of pills or liquid given orally)

What do you feel would be the longest you would be willing to keep a foster animal in your home? (The time frame of each foster is different depending on the circumstance and condition of the animal. It could be several weeks to several months)

Would you be willing to take your foster to Vet appointment, If needed?

Are you willing to correspond with and meet with potential adopters?

For Cats: What are you willing to foster? (Please keep in mind that some will require more work and time than others. We cannot guarantee that the animal we send out with you will not become sick from something they caught at the shelter or the environment, usually an upper respiratory infection that can be contagious to unvaccinated animals of the same species. Bottle feeders need to be fed every two hours, even during the night for at least a month. Those recovering from surgery may have follow up appointments that they need to go to)

Do you have prior experience with the type of foster care you are willing to provide? (Second Chance is committed to providing training/mentoring, previous experience is not required to foster)

Approximately how many kittens in a litter can you take at one time?

Do you understand that some animals may not survive or may have to be humanely euthanized if they become seriously ill or display ill temperament (this would be the worst-case scenario). This is sad, but is especially true for orphaned kittens who can have a mortality rate of 20%.

Do you understand that anyone interested in adopting your foster animal(s) including yourself, must go through the standard adoption process?

Have you or anyone in your household ever been cited or convicted on animal neglect or animal cruelty?

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