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About Us

At Second Chance our priority is finding the best match for each animal. Like people, animals are individuals and have different needs for a successful adoption, according to their personalities. Acting in partnership with many animal controls across the state; Second Chance acts as an extension of local shelters, providing the extra time and resources needed in re-homing animals, therefore reducing the need for euthanasia. Second Chance rarely takes owner releases. Instead we prefer to use our resources for the animals in danger of being "put down"at open admission shelters/Animal Controls.

Second Chance for Homeless Pets was created in 2000 when its founder, Rhonda Greenhalgh (DeMars-Hughes), who at 19 years old, drove all night to save a deaf Boxer from being euthanized at a High-Kill Los Angeles shelter. At the time no one was interested in adopting a deaf dog. The Boxer, who was named Storm, was adopted and resided in the home that Rhonda found for her until she past due to old age. Since 2000 Second Chance for Homeless Pets has gone on to rescue over 6,000 animals (and counting) from high euthanasia shelters in Utah and adopted them out to loving families in the Salt Lake and surrounding areas. That was the labor of love Rhonda began at the age of 19 and continues to be the mission of Second Chance and its dedicated volunteers.

Picture (youngest volunteer)

Picture (Kay and animal)

Picture (Rhonda with family and animal)

Second Chance for Homeless Pets is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and relies on private donations to operate its shelter with all proceeds going to rescue and care for unwanted animals. It does not receive money from any government entity or local and national animal rescue organizations. The animals are cared for by volunteers until they are adopted into a good home, regardless of the time involved. Second Chance has a small foster network who provide bottle feeding and foster care for infant animals. With the rest of the animals for adoption being housed at the Second Chance for Homeless Pets Adoption Center in Salt Lake City. All animals are examined by a local veterinarian, who donates her services. Second Chance also pays for vaccinations, spay/neuter and microchips prior to adoption, along with any other medical care the animal may need. These services are included in the adoption fees. Food and other supplies for the shelter are either donated by individuals or purchased with donated funds. The shelter’s funding is acquired through individual donations as well as participation in various local fundraising events. See our “Events Page” for more information and dates. We encourage you to donate what you can on our “Make a Donation” page.

Second Chance also offers low cost vaccination days and education programs to help the public.

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Second Chance for Homeless Pets is a Best Friends UT Coalition member

On January 9, 2013 KUTV and Mountain America Credit Union recognized Rhonda’s efforts on KUTV’s “Pay it Forward” weekly segment.

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