Humane Education Opportunities
Second Chance for Homeless Pets offers many exciting Humane Education Opportunities.  We have programs for all ages, and lessons for every curriculum.
Humane Education is offered free of charge to Non-Profit Organizations such as Schools, Church Groups, After School Programs, Scouts and many more.  If your group does not have non-profit status, we recommend a donation of $3 per participant to help cover our expenses.
Some of our most popular programs are:
Pet Overpopulation
How Kids can help Homeless Pets
Training your Dog/Basic Pet Care
All Lesson Plans include animal interactions and prizes for every participant.  Prizes may include Stuffed Animals, Jump Ropes, Pet ID Tags, Necklaces, Posters, or more!!
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Second Chance for Homeless Pets will provide Humane Education to any group/school within 1 hour driving distance from our facility.  If you would like Humane Ed, but are outside of our boundries, contact us at for more information on programs that may be available in your area.